IMG_0347BlueI started riding at Apple Hill Stable in North Gower when I was seven.  For several years, I walked and trotted, mostly on a lunge line.  This sure taught me the basics and also lessons in patience but I loved every minute!  I find it funny now that even then on my school horse Blue the saddle pad and lead rope were orange!

When I was eleven I moved to Steven’s Creek Farm and was coached by the amazing Teddie Laframboise!  It was at Steven’s Creek that my passion for riding and later eventing exploded.  It is a family environment at Steven’s Creek where Teddie ensures that every rider is well prepared and solid at every level before they move on to the next level.  At twelve, when I began competing, I was fortunate that my parents could lease a school horse.  I rode Skippy, a 25 year old, solid school horse and experienced some early success which only fueled my passion!


Until my middle teens, I rode many amazing ponies and horses!  This experience continued to teach me perseverance, patience and, at times, humility!  I was surrounded by faithful friends and talented riders at Steven’s Creek who always encouraged me!  School was not a strength for me as I have a learning disability and ADHD so my confidence and character came from riding.   I began to move up the levels in eventing and suddenly around Grade 10 I shot up in height so I was hard pressed to continue to use school horses.  Fortunately my Grandmother, Vivian Maybee, offered to buy my first horse!!  Oliver entered my world in October 2014!  At the time, my Grandfather, Malcolm Maybee, was ill so my Grandmother bought Oliver without him knowing – he may have choked at the price of a horse!  Thus the show name, Maybee a Secret came about.  Unfortunately my Grandfather passed away without knowing about Oliver but I know that he would be happy for me!

GrammiMaybee a Secret (Oliver) is a 7 year old, off-the-track thorough bred. He competed for one year in the Hunter/Jumper Ring and now, in one year, has moved through Pre-Training, Training and Preliminary levels in Eventing.  Since being a working student with Momo Laframboise, I have competed in Horse Trials in southern Ontario, Virginia and South Carolina.  It has been a lifetime opportunity to work with and be coached by Momo Laframboise to further my goals in the Equestrian world.

My current goal is to compete at Bromont Horse Trials at the CCI* Level in June 2016 and to qualify for the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships, CCI** in July 2017.  Eventually my aim is to ride in the World Equestrian Games, the Pan Am Games and the Olympics.  

Since the beginning, my show colours have been orange and black and my mantra has become “Go Orange”!  My mom even wears orange on show days to show her continued support.


I’m loving life and I’m asking for your support so that I can continue on my journey in the eventing world!